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On february, 25th 2010 :: The advisory centre is opened!
Minimisation of expenses in sphere of information technology is a reality. learn how to save and to lose in quality![to read further]

On january, 02nd 2010 :: Computer repair?
50%! [to read further]

On november, 17th 2010 :: the forum is started. its address:

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On may, 09th 2010 / with a victory day!
Our collective congratulates all on a great holiday - a victory day! we tell separate thanks to those who has won for us freedom! thanks and low bow to you, veterans!

10 martha 2010 / article: modem installation.
New article in detail describes all steps of installation to system of the new modem and can render the real help, both to the beginner and the professional.

That such the whale-it:
Repair of computers
"-" Is the firm which has united under the name two big projects: the company of a wide spectrum of activity in the field of Information technology (repair of computers, the computer help, networks, etc.) Professional studio, - .

( ):
  • Office on a turn-key basis.
  • User's service of park of computer facilities.
  • -, ( ).
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • , ( ) Unix Windows .

  • (095) 589-5881, .

    Round the clock with departure on house! .
  • Memory system of discounts
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