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Neotel: new tariff plan
Specially for russia

NeoTel "Callback RUSSIA".

"Callback RUSSIA" PIN-, (10- PIN-). PIN- (Callback WORLD PC-Phone) .

Of difference of the new tariff plan from already operating plan callback world:

  • The (10-unit) pin codes operate. they can be used only for calls under this tariff plan. these pin codes do not replenish with pin codes of other tariffs and it is impossible to fill up with them other pin codes.
  • Is a threshold - 5 seconds. all connections by duration 5 seconds with a rounding off in the big party till 1 minute there are more.
  • If in usual callback-connection you pay for two directions of a call (for a call to you and for a call to your subscriber), in this plan only one direction - to your subscriber.
  • Before you can use a pin code, it is necessary for you to register necessarily phone number from which you will call (to "adhere" phone to a pin code).
  • All phone numbers, which you use for communication (both the phones, and phones of caused subscribers), it is necessary to type by the russian rules of a set of telephone numbers:

    - for the russian phone numbers: 8+ + the subscriber (only 10 figures);
    - : 8+10+ + + .

At present acquisition of pin codes under the tariff plan "callback russia" is accessible to company partners. as at bek-offices it is possible to download the detailed instruction on the given tariff plan.


Tariffs "Callback RUSSIA"

All prices and tariffs are resulted in euro taking into account the vat in a minute of conversation.
1 .


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